Zzyzx (thezzyzx) wrote,

Why we need newspapers.

So some guy on PT made up a rumor that the summer tour video meant that Phish was going to play a festival in southern Texas. He claimed to have a quasi-confirmation from Georgetown, TX.

...and then later admitted to making the whole thing up:

well Im the one who started the rumor about calling the Public Info Office and getting the info about a "large touring band" coming to town... i was just getting everyone on edge... now its published as fact...i guess not so funny anymore. I live in TX and would love this to happen, but it sounds like Fagots already been called and its not going down

Between the time of the invention and the confession a blog that I never had heard of before yesterday, The Butter Room ran with it. They seem like well meaning people, but I don't know what kind of research department they have because, again, this is the first time that I've ever heard of them.

Now normally that might not be a big deal, but then a more mainstream blog Jamtopia went with the Butter Room report to put this out. No one is actually trying to verify this information themselves, everyone is just going based on the same rumor that is not admitted to have been made up, but I bet this hits something real in a day or two.

Blogs are great, but we need people who as their full time job tracking stories down and finding out if they're true, people who actually know who to call to find out these things and a chance of having the call returned, or we'll just get buried in rumors. Yeah it's funny when it happens about this (or as a commentator said Doctor Who), but it does make you wonder. And re the comment, crappy papers are just a step above blogs in that sense; I meant why we need real newspapers :)

Then again, who knows, maybe the rumor will inspire Phish to really do this.

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