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Dateline Las Vegas - The Continuing Adventures of Starman
(an Ihoz Labs Production)
Dateline Las Vegas
Vegas is all about hot streaks and this weekend started out that way. When we landed, the plane played, "Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey," a song that GRAB covered. Omens for a Mike/Trey sit in? I put a dollar in a slot machine, won 60 cents and cashed out, meaning that I'm likely to be ahead of Vegas for the weekend as I don't really have much money to gamble. Our suitcases were among the first ones out. It definitely started strong.

Then my cellphone stopped getting Internet connectivity (which is a good thing because it's another rationalization for buying the new one) and the Trey show, while kind of ok, wasn't anything that I'd really want to see again soon.

The highlight of the show was seeing people in Cardinals jerseys and congratulating / being envious of them.

After the show, I watched people (some in cool hippie costumes) gamble for a while - someone got on a hot streak at the craps table and made people some money - and that was it.

I am so not a Vegas person. Here I am in Las Vegas and I'm playing on the Internet (and paying for the connection) because I can't think of anything more interesting to do right now... I know a lot of people who would be downstairs right now throwing their money away...

The music tonight should be interesting though, and that's what matters.
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